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The Fugees est un groupe de Hip-Hop américain, populaire au milieu des années 1990, au répertoire musical incluant rap, soul, et des influences antillaises

Los Fugges son un grupo de Hip hop americano, popular en el medios de los 90'
con una musica mezcla de rap, soul, caraibe ...

the fuggees is an band of American hip hop, popular in the medium of the 90'
with an music melting of rap, soul, caraibean ...

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Boof Baf Ep 1993

01 Boof Baf- Radio Edit
02 Boof Baf- LP Version
03 Boof Baf- Butcher Mix
04 Boof Baf- Refugee Doodle Remix

MP3 Blunted On Reality 1994
FLAC Blunted On Reality 1994

01 Introduction
02 Nappy heads
03 Blunted (Interlude)
04 Recharge
05 Freestyle (Interlude)
06 Vocab
07 Special News Bulletin (Interlude)
08 Boof Baf
09 Temple
10 How Hard is It
11 Harlem Chit Chat (Interlude)
12 Some Seek Stardom
13 Giggles
14 Da Kid From Haiti (Interlude)
15 Refugees On The Mic
16 Living There Ain't No Tomorrow
17 Shouts outs From The Block
18 Nappy Heads- Remix

Vocab Ep 1994

01 Vocab- Remix Radio Edit
02 Vocab- Vibey Remix
03 Vocab- Refugees Hip Hop Remix
04 Vocab- Salaam's Acoustic Remix

Nappy Heads Ep 1994

01 Nappy Heads- MC Edit
02 Nappy Heads- Remix Radio Edit
03 Vocab- Instrumental

MP3 Fu-Gee-La Ep 1995
FLAC Fu-Gee-La Ep 1995

01 Fu-Gee-La- Album Version
02 Fu-Gee-La- Album Version Instrumental
03 Fu-Gee-La- Refugee Camp Remix
04 Fu-Gee-La- Refugee Camp Remix Instrumental
05 Fu-Gee-La- North Side Mix
06 Fu-Gee-La- Sly & Robbie Mix
07 Fu-Gee-La- How many Mics

MP3 The Score 1996
FLAC The Score 1996

01 Red Intro
02 How Many Mics
03 Ready Or Not
04 Zealots
05 The Beast
06 Fu-Gee-La
07 Family Business
08 Killing Me Softly
09 The Score
10 The Mask
11 Cowboys
12 No Woman, No Cry- Bob Marley Cover
13 ManifestOutro
14 Fu-Gee-La- Refugee Camp Remix
15 Fu-Gee-La- Sly & Robbie Mix
16 Mista Mista
17 Fu-Gee-La- Refugee Camp Global Mix

MP3 Bootleg Versions 1996
FLAC Bootleg Versions 1996

01 Ready Or Not- Clark Kent Django Remix
02 Nappy Heads- Mad Spiders Mix
03 Don't Cry, Dry Your Eyes
04 Vocab- Salaam's Remix
05 Ready Or Not- Salaam's Ready For The Show Remix
06 Killing Me Softly With This Song- Live at The Brixton Academy
07 No Woman, No Cry [Bob Marley Cover]- Remix With Steve Marley
08 Vocab- Refugees Hip Hop Remix

Rumble in The Jungle 1996

01 Rumble in The Jungle- Radio Edit
02 Rumble in The Jungle- Extended Radio Edit
03 Rumble in The Jungle- Instrumental
04 Rumble in The Jungle
05 I'm So Mean I Make Sick
06 Wa Gonna Get it On Because We Don't Get Along
07 Rumble in The Jungle- LP Version
08 Rumble in The Jungle- Tv Track
09 Rumble in The Jungle- Acapella
10 Sucker You Ain't Nothing
11 Tail of a Pony-Soul Music
12 Mr.Tooth Decay
13 Ali's Dream

MP3 Killing Me Softly Ep 1996
FLAC Killing Me Softly Ep 1996

01 Killing Me Softly- LP Version Without Intro
02 Killing Me Softly- LP Version Instrumental
03 Cowboys- LP Version
04 Nappy Heads- Remix

01 Ready Or Not- LP Version
02 Killing Me Softly- Live Version
03 Freestyle- From Radio 1 Performance
04 Blame It On The Sun- From Radio 1 Performance

No Woman, No Cry Ep 1996

01 Don't Cry, Dry Your Eyes
02 Don't Cry, Dry Your Eyes- Istrumental
03 No Woman, No Cry [Bob Marley Cover]- LP Version
04 A Change Is Gonna Come- Live

MP3 Bounty Killer- Hip-Hopera 1996 Feat Fugees
FLAC Bounty Killer- Hip-Hopera 1996 Feat Fugees

01 Hip-Hopera (Mr.Punk)- Radio Edit
02 Hip Hopera (Mr.Punk)- LP Version
03 My Experience
04 Way Beyound The Stars

MP3 Greatest Hits 2003
FLAC Greatest Hits 2003


01 Fu-Gee-La
02 No Woman, No Cry- Bob Marley Cover
03 Ready Or Not
04 Killing Me Softly (With His Song)
05 The Score
06 How Many Mics
07 Cowboys
08 Nappy Heads- Remix Radio Edit
09 Vocab- Refugee Hip Hop Remix
10 The Sweetest Things- Mahogany Remix
11 A Change Gonna Come- Live BBC Radio 1
12 Killing Me Softly With His Song- Live Mcm
13 Freestyle- Live BBC Radio 1

DISC II (Only Available On Mp3 Version)

01 Ready Or Not- Clarck Kent Remix
02 Ready Or Not- Salaam's Ready For The Show Remix Instrumental
03 Fu Gee La- Refugee Camp Mix
04 Fu Gee La- Sly & Robbie Mix
05 Killing Me Softly With His Song- Sound Barrier Remix
06 No Woman, No Cry [Bob Marley Cover]- Remix With Steve Marley

Ready Or Not- Remixes Ep 2003

01 Ready Or Not- Dj Zinc 2003 Remix
02 Ready Or Not- Fugees or Not Remix

Ready or Not- Dj Hype Remix 2004

01 Ready Or Not- Dj Hypre Remix

Take it Easy Ep 2005

01 Take it Easy- Main Version
02 Take it Easy- Instrumental Version

01 Fu Gee La- North Side Mix 
02 Rumble in The Jungle- Feat ATCQ
03 Boom Biddy Bye Bye- Cypress Hill [Fugee Mix]
04 John (Produced By Dj Muggs)- Wyclef Jean 
05 If I Rules The World (Imagine That)- Nas Feat Lauryn Hill
06 Hip Hopera (Mr Punk)- Bounty Killer Feat The Fugees
07 Ready Or Not- Salaam's Ready For The Show Remix 
08 Refugees On The Mic- Remix 
09 Roxanne 97 (Puff Daddy Remix)- Sting Feat Pras 
10 Perfect Gentleman (Remix)- Wyclef Jean Feat XZibit & King Yellowman 
11 New Day (Reggae Mix)- Wyclef Jean & Bono
12 Mr Martin- Pras Michel Feat Akon 
13 Miss California (Rap Remix)- Dante Thomas Feat Pras 
14 Freestyle 
15 Take it Easy 
16 Freestyle On Funkmaster Flex- Mixtape I 
17 Turn Your Lights Down Low- Bob Marley Feat Lauryn Hill 
18 Redemption Song (Bob Marley Cover [Live])- Lauryn Hill Feat Ziggy Marley 
19 A Change is Gonna Come- Live 
20 Blame it On The Sun  

                                                CONCERTS -- CONCIERTOS -- LIVES


2 Parts
   Unknown Tracklist

London, Brixton Academy 04-02-96

01 Mega Mix Intro [Sounds Of The Police/ California Love/ Woo Ha! Got You All In Check]
02 No Woman, No Cry- Bob Marley Cover
03 How Many Mics ?
04 Fu-Gee-La- Part I
05 Fu-Gee-La- Part II
06 Nappy Heads
07 Zealots
08 Killing Me Softly (With This Song)
09 Ready Or Not- Part I
10 Ready Or Not- Part II
11 If I Ruled The World
12 Cowboys
13 Change Is Gonna Come

Deutschland 1996

01 Intro
02 No Woman, No Cry- Bob Marley Cover
03 Ready or Not
04 Fu-Gee-La
05 Ready Or Not- Remix
06 If I Ruled The World- Feat Nas
07 Street Dreams- Feat Nas
08 Cowboys
09 I Shot The Sheriff- Bob Marley Cover

01 Intro
02 No Woman, No Cry- Bob Marley Cover
03 White Lines
04 Vocab
05 Interlude I
06 Manifest- Part I
07 How Many Mics ?
08 Introduction 
09 Interlude II 
10 Fu-Gee-La
11 Boof Baf
12 Nappy Heads
13 Interlude III
14 Killing Me Softly
15 Medley 
16 Manifest- Part II
17 Ready Or Not 
18 Interlude IV
19 Zealots
20 Keep On Moving- Bob Marley Cover
21 Redemption Song- Bob Marley Cover
22 Killing Me Softly- Reprise

01 Dj- Wyclef Intro I
02 Dj- Wyclef Intro II
03 Dj- Wyclef Intro III
04 Dj- Wyclef Intro IV
05 Dj- Wyclef Intro V
06 Dj- Wyclef Intro VI
07 No Woman, No Cry- Bob Marley Cover
08 White Lines/ Intro To Pras & Lauryn Hill
09 Stay Gold
10 How Many Mic
11 Fu-Gee-La
12 Nappy Heads
13 Killing Me Softly
14 I Ruled The World- Feat Nas
15 Street Dreams- Feat Nas
16 Ready Or Not- Salaam's Remix
17 Reggae Interlude
18 Zealots
19 [Banter] Dj Plays Superfreak
20 Dj Plays ABC
21 Ready Or Not
22 I Know He Watches Me/ Cowboys


Youngblood Brass Band : Killing Me Softly (Live. Places.)

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