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Bombay dub Orchestra

Collectif Anglo-Indien jouant une dub aux sonorité indiennes de qualité ...
Colectivo Anglo-Indiano que toca una dub con sonoridades indiena de qualidad ...
Anglo-Indian Colective who play an dub by quality with indian's sounds ...

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Bombay Dub Orchestra 2005


01 Compassion
02 Rare Earth
03 Mumtaz
04 The Berber Of Seville
05 To The Store
06 The Greater Silence
07 Feel
08 Dust
09 Sonata
10 Unexpected Rain
11 Beauty & The East
12 Remembrance


01 Rare Earth- The Forest Of Thieves Mix
02 Feel- The Diamond Cake Mix
03 Beauty And The East- The Marine Drive Traffic Jam
04 The Berber Of Seville- The Berber Of Suburbia Mix
05 Dust- The Pigment of Your Imagination Mix
06 Compassion- The Continental rift Mix
07 The Berber of Seville Orchestral Version- Father Mackay's Celestial Vision
08 Remembrance- Fires Remix

Rare Earth Ep 2006

01 Rare Earth- BDO
02 Mumtaz (The Ornament Of The Palace Mix)- BDO
03 As Far As I Can See- Shrift
03 As Far As I Can See (Da la Remix)- Shrift

Remixed Ep

01 Feel- Thievery Corporation Remix
02 Beauty & The East- Banco De Gaia Remix
03 To The Store- Spider Remix
04 Mumtaz- Dj Drez Jahta Mix)
05 To The Store- Pathaan's Ray Of Sunshine Remix

3 Cities 2008

01 Egypt by Air
02 Journey
03 Strange Constellation
04 Junoon
05 Spiral
06 Map of Dusk
07 Fallen
08 Greenish Blue
09 Monsoon Malabar
10 Feasting With Panters
11 Amina

Monsoon Remixes

01 Monsoon Malabar
02 Monsoon Malabar- Remix
03 Monsoon Malabar- Dub Remix

3 Cities in Dub 2009

01 Egypt By Air- Bombay Dub's Funky Old Medina Remix
02 Monsoon Malabar- International Observer Remix
03 Journey- Rise Ashen Nataraj Dub
04 Egypt By Air- Earthrise Soundsystem Remix
05 Junoon- Bombay's Dub's Jaipur Active Remix
06 Journey- Liquid Stranger's Sliptrip Edit
07 Junoon- Alpha & Omega Dub #3
08 Monsoon Malabar- Bombay Dub Orchestra's Dub Mix
09 Journey- Pathaan's Epic Mix

The New York Remixes 2012

01 Compassion- Pivotal Movement Remix
02 Junoon- EarthRise Sound System's "Warrior 3" Remix
03 Compassion- Capcom Remix
04 Monsoon Malabar- Force of Change Remix
05 Spiral- Sharma Remix
06 The Berber of Seville- Sound Shikari Remix
07 Compassion- Hot Hips Remix
08 Spiral- Ciphony Mix
09 Stange Constellation- Harvey Jones Remix

Tales From The Grand Bazaar 2013

01 The Orange Terrace
02 Blue Mosaic
03 City of Amber
04 Sea of Marmara
05 Songs From The Seven Towers
06 A Time of Beauty
07 Bohemia Junction
08 Four Thousand Now Colours
09 Air Like Velvet

Bohemia Junction Ep 2014

01 Bohemia Junction- Radio Edit
02 Bohemia Junction- Punk a Wallah's Remix
03 Bohemia Junction- Vlastur Dub
04 Bohemia Junction- Nutritious & Commodore Remix
05 Bohemia Junction- Bombay Dub's Old School Dub


Compassion- 2015 Rework
Egypt By Air- Bombay Dub's Ambient Cinematic Remix
Flame of The Forest- Cheb i Sabbah Tribute
Get Carter Theme
Get Carter Theme- Get Dancing Remix
Montuno Skank
Mumtaz- The Ornament of The Palace Remix
Spiral- Chennai 5Am Mix
Waterside Tales- BDO's Blade Runner Remix

Remixes by Bombay Dub Orchestra Vol.I

01 Jingle Bells (Joe Williams)- BDO Remix
02 Lively Up Yourself (Bob Marley & The Wailers)- BDO Remix
03 Lal Meri (Lal Meri)- BDO Remix
04 Lal Meri (Lal Meri)-BDO Remix Instrumental
05 Bethe Bethe Kese Kese (Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan)- BDO Remix
06 All Around (Bebel Gilberto)- BDO Remix
07 Love Theme From Ben Hur (Czech Philarmonic Chamber Orchestra)- BDO Remix
08 On The Sunny Side Of The Street (Dizzy Gillespie)- BDO Remix
09 Road to Benares (Thunderball)- BDO Remix

Remixes By Bombay Dub Orchestra Vol.II

Azam Ali- Abode (BDO Continental Drift Remix)
Bebel Gilberto- Bring Back The Love (BDO Remix)
Juno Reactor- Pistolero (BDO Remix)
Laya Project- Waterside Tales (BDO Blade Runner Remix)
Miklos Rozsa- Love Theme From Ben Hur (BDO Remix Feat Sophie Solomon)
Natacha Atlas- Batkallim /Atlas of The World Mix (BDO)

Remixes By Bombay Dub Orchestra Vol.III

Banco de Gaia- Kara Kum- BDO's Spaghetti Eastern Remix
Ceu- Roda- BDO's Grateful Dub Mix- Radio Version
Ceu- Roda- BDO's Grateful Dub Mix- Full Version
Gaudi & Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan- Bethe Bethe Kese Kese- BDO Remix
Lal Meri- Lal Meri- BDO Remix
Lal Meri- Lal Meri- BDO Remix Instrumental
Laya Proyect- Waterside Tales- BDO's Blade Runner Remix
Midival Punditz- Baanwarey- BDO's Epic Remix

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