dimanche 5 janvier 2014

The Ratazanas

Né des cendres de Contratempos, The Ratazanas né en 2006 à Oeiras
Ils jouent du Skinhead reggae avec des airs de Ska et de Dub

Naci de la cenizas de Contratempos, The Ratazanas nace en 2006 a Oeiras
Tocan Skinhead Reggae con Tempo de Ska y de Dub

Born by the Ashes of Contratempos, The ratazanas born in 2006 in Oeiras
They Play Skinhead Reggae with Rythms of Ska And Dub

Site Officiel

Straigh from the Sewers Ep 2006

01 The Return About Johnny
02 Los Charolastras
03 King Kong
04 Until The Early Morning

Demo 2007

01 Chef
02 Lee Perry's Ghost
03 King Kong
04 Texas Cow Massacre

Ouh La La 2009

01 Big Kahuna Burger
02 Teeny Weeny, String Bikini
03 911 Reggae Emergency
04 Animal Farm
05 Lee 'Fried' Perry's Specter
06 Tori Stellar, The Storyteller
07 King Kong
08 House Duties
09 WC Groove
10 Chef- Take One
11 Chef- Take Two
12 Prince Buster At Redlight
13 Grandma Dj
14 Ze Manel Gonna Jail
15 O Regresso Do Orgao Assassino

Lick it Back 2011

01 The Baker - Woman Of Aljubarrota
02 The Elightenment
03 Magellan, The Stallon
04 Nefertitties
05 Family Issues
06 King James is No James
07 Mighty Herpules
08 Mission Apollo 11
09 Gama's Trip
10 The Grat Crusade of Richard Lionheart
11 Blackopatra Daydreamin'
12 Marie Antoinette
13 The Windmills Of Don Quixote
14 Don't Lie To Robin Wood
15 Xibalba

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