samedi 26 avril 2014

The Branlarians

Originaire du Gers, et Evoluant Dans la Region De Toulouse,
The Branlarians est un Groupe Emergent de Rude Rock Reggae
de Old Ska et de Rocksteady, qu'ils Jouent a La Perfection

Nativo del Gers, y Tocan Sobre la Area de Toulouse,
The Branlarians es una Banda Emergente de Rude Rock Reggae
de Old Ska y de Rocksteady, Cuyo Tocan Con Perfection

Native From the Gers and Played into The Toulouse'Area
The Branlarians is an Emergent's band of Rude Rock Reggae
of Old Ska And Rocksteady, Which They Played at The Perfection

Site Officiel

Split- Feat Bobby Sixkiller 2011

01 Burning Fire
02 Cheper Chapter II
03 October Morning
04 Amnésia
05 Branlarian
06 High Grow II
07 Derrick Song
08 Old New Sound
09 Roots Feel Good

The First And Maybee The Only ! 2013

01 Intro
02 Yeah Yeah Yeah !!
03 Wanty & Getty- Feat Dr Dru [Toulouse Skanking Foundation]
04 Moonlight Melody
05 One Shot- Feat Hugo [Toulouse Skanking Foundation]
06 Big T Song
07 Interlude- Feat Tchack [Billy Hornett]
08 Gogo Boots
09 Rainy Day
10 Last Train
11 Kung-Fu Masta
12 Dirty Western
13 High Grow Li
14 Bonus Track


Toulouse Skanking Foundation : Song For The Branlarians (Voodoo Train)

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