vendredi 12 décembre 2014

Too Many Zooz

Né en 2013 Dans le Métro de New York, Too Many Zooz, Est une Fanfare
a Formation Réduite, Jeune et Dynamique, Qui ne Manque Pas D'Energie
Pour Faire Danser, Travailleurs, Voyageurs et Festivaliers

Nace en 2013, Dentro El Metro des de New York, Too Many Zooz, Es Una
Pequeñita Fanfara, Joven y Dinamica, Que no Falta de Energia Para
Hacer Bailar Los Trabajadores, Viajadores y Festivalieros

Born in 2013, Into The New York's Subway, Too Many Zooz, Is An
Brass Band With Few People, Young And Dynamic, Who's No Miss Energy
For Make Dance Workers, Travellers And MerryMakers

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MP3 F-Notes Ep 2014
FLAC F-Notes Ep 2014

01 To The Top
02 F.W.S
03 Maritza
04 Noda
05 Get Busy

MP3 Fanimals Ep 2014
FLAC Fanimals Ep 2014

01 Mouse Trap
02 Wet
03 Limbo
04 Turtledactyl
05 House of The Glass Red, Part.I
06 House of The Glass Red, Part.II

MP3 Brasshouse Vol.1 Survival of The Flyest Ep 2014
FLAC Brasshouse Vol.1 Survival Of The Flyest Ep 2014

01 Sludge Intro
02 Flightning
03 Pep Talk
04 Dima
05 Concerto For Bari And Sludge, Part.I
06 Concerto For Bari And Sludge, Part.II
07 Dig My Fox
07 Survival of The Flyest

MP3 The Internet Ep 2015
FLAC The Internet Ep 2015

01 P/T/G
02 Double Text
03 D.N

Ansolo- To Life Ep 2015 Feat Too Many Zooz

01 To Life- Original Mix
02 To Life- Radio Edit

MP3 Subway Gawdz 2016
FLAC Subway Gawdz 2016

01 Intro
02 Brasshouse Vol.7 N°69
03 Missy
04 Subway Gawdz
05 Warriors
06 Ftg- Part I
07 Kings Avenue- Feat Members Of Galactic
08 Inward- Feat Famey & Endastory
09 Havana Banana
10 Ftg- Part II
12 The Block- Feat Beats Antique
13 Party Island- Feat Kreayshawn
14 Talkin' Bout- Feat Armani White
15 Tricerahops
16 Spocktopus- Bonus Track
17 20/20- Bonus Track
18 Hollagraphik- Bonus Track

                                                  CONCERTS -- CONCIERTOS -- LIVES

Festival Jazz Des Cinq Continents, Marseille 23-07-15

1 Part
   Unknown Tracklist

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