jeudi 29 décembre 2016

The Freak Fandago Orchestra

Né à Barcelona, En 2006, The Freak Fandango Orchestra Est Un Groupe Multi-Ethnic
Qui Joue Sur Un Fond Rock, Des Melodies de Folk, de Gipsies et de Polka
Une Invitation Au Voyage, Et Surtout à La Danse ...

Nace En Barcelona, En 2006, The Freak Fandango Orchestra Es Una Banda Multi-Ethnic
Que Toca Sobre Un Sonido Rock, Melodias De Folk, De Gipsies y De Polka 
Un Invitacion Al Viaje y Sobre Todo A Bailar ...

Born In Barcelona, In 2006, The Freak Fandango Orchestra Is An Multi-Ethnic Band
Which Play With And Rock's Sound, Melodies Of Folk, Gipsies And Polka
An Invitation To Travel And Much More, To Move ...


The Hug 2009

01 The Hug
02 Nevermore

Love, Death And A Drunken Monkey 2009

01 Monkey Said
02 Nevermore
03 Sad Passangers Waltz
04 The Hug
05 A Russian Circus Story
06 La Polka Del Amor- Live At Scanner FM
07 At World's End

Tales Of A Dead Fish 2011

01 Requiem For A Fish
02 Late As Usual
03 Balkan Beats
04 No Means No
05 Hitman's Lovesong- Feat Paola Graziano
06 At The Beginning
07 Hitman's Lovesong

Wild Goats And Useless Heroes 2014

01 Mundo Canibal
02 The Gypsy Song
03 We'll Save The World
04 El Mariachi
05 Santa Alegria
06 Boogich Bulgar
07 A Russian Circus Story
08 Bublitzki
09 Hey Moe

                                                CONCERTS -- CONCIERTOS -- LIVES

New York Gypsy Festival 16-09-11 [Via WFMU's]

01 The Russian Circus
02 La Polka Del Amor
03 Nevermore
04 Boogish The Bulgar/ The Hug
05 Bublitzki
06 Amari Szi Amari
07 Requiem For A Fish
08 No Means No
09 Late As Usual

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