mardi 21 février 2017

Escape From The Zoo

Imaginez Une Musique Punk, Virant Sur Le Crust, Joué Dans Une Ambiance
et Des Sonorités Folk, Argumenté Par Quelques Notes, Rock Ou Core,
C'Est Avec Brio Que Ce Trio De Houston, A Créé Ce Style Particulierement Bon

Imagina Una Musica Punk, Al Lado Del Crust, Tocando Dentro Una Atmosfera
y Sonoridades Folk, Argumentada Por Algunas Notas Rock O Core,
Es Con Crio Que Este Trio Desde Houston, A Cree Su Propio Estilo, Buenissimo

Imagine A Punk Music, Next To The Crust, Playing Into An Atmosphere
And Sonorities Of Folk, Argumented By Somes Notes From Rock Or Core,
It's With Brio, That This Trio From Houston, Create His Own Style, Pure

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Escape From Zoo Ep 2013

01 Deities Of Disappointment
02 Knock Out The Bricks
03 Drunk'n'Sober
04 I Am The Raven
05 Gurus Of Gluttony
06 Fuck You, Die Young
07 Pigs Blood

The Wasted Years Ep 2015

01 Friendly Fire !
02 Rednecksect
03 We Got This
04 Sleeeeeep
05 Wasted Years

Killacopter 2017

01 Smoke 'Em If Ya Got 'Em
02 Deities Of Disappointment
03 Gurus Of Gluttony
04 Canswer
05 One More Paperclip- Feat James "Dirty" McDowell
06 Saturday Night Palsy
07 Run
08 Shattered Life
09 No Name
10 Sluggin' Back Bandaid- Feat Paul Jonassen [Night Gaunts]
11 Escape From The Evil Dead !!!
12 Authority Misuse
13 To Kill A Sunrise
14 Pigs Blood
15 Don't Blink
16 >;{>

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