mardi 30 mai 2017

Buster Shuffle

Fomé En 2007 Dans L'Est De London, Buster Shuffle Est Un Groupe de Sept Motivés
Jouant Ce Qu'ils Nomment Du "Piano Bashing", Un Sorte De Ska Revival
Melangé Aux Son Pop-Indie De L'English Underground

Creado En 2007 Dentro El Este De London, Buster Shuffle Es Una Banda de Siete
Motivados Que Tocan Lo Que Llaman "Piano Bashing", Una Forma De Ska Revival,
Mezclado Con Los Sonidos Pop-Indie Del English Underground

Create In 2007 Into The East Of London, Buster Shuffle Is A Band Of Seven Motivated
Which's Playing What They Called "Piano Bashing", A Formed Of Ska Revival
Pixing Whith The Sounds Pop-Indie From The English Underground

Site Officiel

Our Night Out 2010

01 Intro
02 Our Night Out
03 Me, Myself & I
04 At The Bank
05 I'll Get My Coat
06 I'm Into You
07 America
08 Maneater
09 Arthur McArthurt
10 Thirty-Eight
11 You're Alright
12 Small Town- Bonus Track
13 Prince Buster- Bonus Track

Do Nothing 2012

01 So Such Of Much
02 Brothers And Sisters
03 Doesn't Matter
04 Around Here
05 The Lake Song
06 Elvis Vs Wag
07 Made In China
08 English Way
09 Just Keep Thinking
10 15 Again
11 Talking Sweet
12 Come In

You Never Can Tell 2013

A1 You Never Can Tell
B1 Out Of Space

Naked 2014

01 Soho
02 New Money
03 Naked
04 Devon
05 Take Him Down
06 I Wrote This Song Because My Girlfriend Told Me I Was Miserable
07 It's OK Because The Kids Are Fashionable
08 Girls
09 Belive It
10 Home
11 Put Up

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