jeudi 10 août 2017

Burning Lady

Formé En 2008 Dans La Cité De Lille, Le Quatuor Burning Lady,
Joue Un Streetpunk Plein de Vitalité Emmené Par Un Chant Féminin

Creado En 2008 Dentro La Ciudad De Lille, El Quatuor Burning Lady
Toca Un Streetpunk Con Vitalidad y Con Un Canto Féminino

Created In 2008 Into The City Of Lille, The Quatuor Burning Lady
Play Un Streetpunk With Vitality And With An Feminin's Voice

Site Officiel

Wasted Time Ep 2010

01 Wasted Time
02 The Bonnie's Lament
03 Another Way
04 An Angel Dies

Split 2011 Meets Disturbance


A2 No Worries
A3 Socially Insane
A4 Something To Believe In
A5 My Idol


B1 Wasted Time
B2 The Bonnie's Lament
B3 Another Way
B4 An Angel Dies

Until The Walls Fall 2013

01 Another State of Mind
02 Story Of My Scene
03 One More For Tolerance
04 Girls With Sunglasses
05 Never Forget
06 Oleti
07 Screw, Blast, Blow
08 El Verano De Rekalde
09 Rehab
10 Loose Women
11 Back To Lausanne
12 Living With The Walls
13 Monday In The Sun
14 Wasted Time- Acoustic

The Human Condition 2016

01 Intro
02 Kibrom
03 Natural (Un)Justice
04 Right-Thinking Punks
05 Shame On Your Crew
06 Cheerfull Pessimist
07 Nightmares Come True
08 Age Of The Working Dolls
09 Don't Fight The Wrong Battle
10 Dying For Kobani
11 A Bull On Fire
12 Before September

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