vendredi 25 mai 2018

The Inspector Cluzo

Né En 2008, Dans La Gascogne, Au Sud Ouest De La France, The Inspector Cluzo
Est Une Fusion De Rock Garage Et De Funk Groovy, Fait Par Deux Musiciens,
Fier De Leur Terroir, Et Vivant Musicalement, En Totale Autonomie

Nace En 2008, Dentro La Gascogne, Al Sur Oeste De La France, The Inspector Cluzo,
Es Una Fusion, De Rock Garaje y De Funk Groove Hace Por Dos Musicos;
Orgulloso De Su Tierra y Que Vive Su Musica En Totale Autonomia

Born In 2008 Intro The Gascogne, In The South West Of France, The Inspector Cluzo,
Is A Fusion, Of Rock Garage And Of Funk Groove Make By Two Musicians,
Proud Of The Earth And Wich Live His Music In Full Autonomy

Cf : Wolfunkind

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The Inspector Cluzo 2008

01 The Inspector Cluzo
02 Change #1
03 Mad
04 Fuck The Bass Player
05 Do You Make It Right
06 Turtulututututu
07 Two Days
08 Yourself
09 US Food
10 Yuppie Way Of Life Blues
11 Change #2

The French Bastards 2010

01 TIC Theme
02 The French Bastards #1
03 Empahy Blues
04 Terminator Is Black In His Back
05 Fuck Michael Jackson
06 Trader Forever
07 Zombies DJ's Killers
08 The Old Men
09 Giving His Opinion Is Not A Job, This Is A Right
10 He's Not The Man
11 In Love With Lilian Thuram
12 The French Bastards #2

The 2 Mousquetaires 2012

01 The 2 Mousquetaires Of Gasconha
02 Wild And Free- The Indignés Song
03 Move On Up
04 Telefoot
05 Why A Vulgar French Band Cannot Play Shitty English Pop Music
06 I Want To MMM The Wife Of The French President
07 Fuck The Bobos
08 Put Your Hands Up
09 Power To The People
10 Fuck Free Hugs
11 Adishatz
12 Que Som Cabelhs

Gasconha Rocks 2013

01 Hello Goodbye Education
02 Black Spirit
03 I Am (Not) A Super Hero
04 Till Petrol Do Us Part
05 Garbage Beach
06 Lo Camin De La Hesta
07 The Duck, Guit, Blues
08 Move Over Monsanto
09 Better Off In Afghanistan
10 Crossroads Rendez-Vous

Rockfarmers 2016


01 Rockfarmers
02 I'm A Japanese Mountain
03 Lost In Traditions
04 Fishermen
05 Kiss Me
06 Estiu Theme
07 The Run


01 GMO And Pesticides
02 Alright Georges
03 Quit The Rat Race
04 Abu
05 Stars Are Leavin'
06 Erotic
07 Romana
08 Lonely Man

We The People Of The Soil 2018

01 A Man Oustandin In His Field
02 The Sand Preacher
03 Cultural Misunderstanding
04 Ideologies
05 Little Girl
06 We The People Of The Soil
07 No Deal At The Crossroads
08 The Best
09 Pressure On Mada Lands
10 The Globalisation Blues
11 Brothers In Ideals

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