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Chinese Man

Crée En 2004, à Aix En Provence, Chinese Man Est Un Collectif
D'Electro Hip Hop Aux Influences Multiples, Qui Profitent D'Une Belle
Réputation De Part La Beauté De Leurs Sons Uniques

Creado En 2004, En Aix En Provence, Chinese Man Es Un Colectivo
D'Electro Hip Hop Con Influencias Multiple, Que Tienen Una Guapa
Reputacion Gracia La Belleza De Su Sonido Unico

Created In 2004, In Aix En Provence, Chinese Man Is A Collective
Of Electro Hip Hop With Multiples Influences, Which Take A Great
Reputation By The Beauty Of His Unic Sounds

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MP3 The Pandi Groove Ep 2005
FLAC The Pandi Groove Ep 2005

A1 Pandi Groove
A2 DJ Tools
B1 Searching For The Space Monkey
B2 Eight y Cinco

The Bootleg Sessions Vol.1 2006

O1 Intro
02 Chinese Man [Sage Francis]- Chinese Man Remix
03 Particular Sounds [The Herbaliser]- Le Yan Remix
04 Pure Coke [Planet Asia]- Sly Dee Remix
05 Electrify Bug [Beastie Boys]- Lee Le Bug Remix
06 Dirty Dirty [Ol'Dirty Bastard]- Sly Dee Remix
07 Searching For Hieroglyphics [Hieroglyphics]- Chinese Man Remix
08 Mop Requiem [Mop]- Lee Bug Remix
09 Verbal Anime [The Herbaliser]- Sly Dee Remix
10 It Ain't Nithing Like... [The Pharcycle]- Chinese Man Remix
11 The Saga Begins [Rakim]- Sly Dee Remix
12 Visitor [D12]- Lee Le Bug Remix
13 Eight y Cinco [The Fugees]- Chinese Man Remix
14 Blowindawind [Beastie Boys]- Chinese Man Remix
15 How Many Mc's ? [Blackmoon]- Chinese Man Remix
16 Stick Up [Afu Ra]- Chinese Man Remix
17 Washington Square- Remix
18 Outro

MP3 The Bunni Groove Ep 2006
FLAC The Bunni Groove Ep 2009

01 Bunni Groove
02 Washington Square- Feat Bionic Man Sount
03 DJ Tools
04 I'Ve Got That Tune
05 You Suck Me
06 DJ Tools II

The Indi Groove Ep Vinyl 2007

A1 Indi Groove
A2 Skank In The Air
B1 Artichaut
B2 More
B3 DJ Tools

MP3 The Groove Session 2004-2007 2008
FLAC The Groove Session 2004-2007 2008

01 Pandi Groove
02 Searching For The Space Monkey
03 Eight y Cinco
04 Bunni Groove
05 Washington Square
06 I'Ve Got That Tune
07 You Suck Me
08 Indi Groove
09 Skank In The Air
10 Artichaut
11 More
12 Chinese Man

Hong Kong Dragon Speaking Ep 2009

01 Jumpin' In Havana
02 Calling Bombay
03 Ayoyo
04 Ordinary Man

MP3 The Groove Session Vol.2 2009
FLAC The Groove Session Vol.2 2009

01 Intro
02 Calling Bombay
03 Elysean Fields
04 Post Trauma
05 Jumpin' In Havana
06 7Th Street
07 Ordinary Man
08 Ayoyo
09 Batteries Not Included
10 He Said
11 Our Time- By Franco
12 Day By Day [Chinese Man Remix]- Femi Kuti
13 Ayoyo Na Macumbinha
14 Outro

The Groove Sessions Dvd Rip 2010

1 Part [Live à Paris, La Maroquinerie xx-07-10]

- Space Monkey/ Eight y Cinco
- Jumpin' In Havana
- 7Th Street
- Bunni Groove
- Indi Groove/ Skank In The Air
- Artichaut
- More
- Calling Bombay
- You're Listening To The Worlds
- Washington Square
- I'Ve Got That Tune
- Post Trauma/ Rap Scholar

MP3 Miss Chang Ep 2011
FLAC Miss Chang Ep 2011

A1 Miss Chang
A2 If You Please
B1 You're Listening To The Worlds [Chinese Man Remix]- Belleruche
B2 Ganja [Chinese Man Remix]- Dub Pistols

MP3 Racing With The Sun 2012
FLAC Racing With The Sun 2012

01 Morning Sun [Introduction]
02 One Past
03 If You Please
04 Miss Chang
05 Saudade
06 Stand!
07 Racing With The Sun
08 Down
09 In My Room
10 Get Up
11 Ta Bom
12 J.O.G.J.A
13 The King

Remix With The Sun 2012

01 The Mourning Son
02 One Past- OBF Remix
03 Saudade
04 Stand!- Extended Version
05 Racing With The Sun- Deluxe Remix
06 Down- Scratch Bandits Crew Remix
07 In My Room
08 Get Up- Le Yan & Tomapam Remix
09 Ta Bom
10 Miss Chang- Tha Trickaz Remix
11 Racing With The Sun- Iration Steppas Remix
12 In My Room- DJ Suv Remix
13 The King (The Libra Priest Suite)- DJ Simbad Remix

Live à La Cigale 2012
Live à La Cigale- Bonus 2012

01 One Past
02 If You Groove
03 Get Up
04 Ta Bom
05 Miss Chang
06 Skank In The Air
07 Artichaut
08 Racing With The Sun
09 In My Room
10 Ayoyo
11 Jumpin' In Havana
12 I've Got That Tune


01 Washington Square- Feat Leo Le Bug
02 Le Pudding à L'Arsenic- Feat Leo Le Bug
03 Worldwide
04 Miss Chang- Remix

I'Ve Got That Tune [10 Years Edition] Ep 2014

A1 I'Ve Got That Tune
B1 I'Ve Got That Tune- Tha Trickaz Remix

MP3 Once Upon A Time Ep 2014
FLAC Once Upon A Time Ep 2014

A1 Once Upon A Time
A2 Once Upon A Time- Hugo Kant Remix
A3 Once Upon A Time- Instrumental
B1 Independent Music
B2 Independent Music- Wrongtom Pon Cassette Mix
B3 Independent Music- Instrumental

MP3 The Groove Sessions Vol.3 2014
FLAC The Groove Sessions Vol.3 2014

01 Scatter (There They Go)- CM
02 Tall Ground- Deluxe
03 Siempre Estas- CM
04 Rosita- Le Yan
05 Once Upon A Time- CM
06 Balma- Son Of A Pitch
07 Breaking News- Deluxe
08 Hova- Ze Mateo
09 Don't Scream- CM
10 A.M Horrorscope- Le Yan
11 Kamakura- Sly
12 Independent Music- CM
13 Hancock- CM
14 The Old Man- CM

"Sho-Bro" 2014

01 Sho-Bro
02 The Reminder
03 Run Run Run [Scatter]- Chill Bump Remix
04 Siempre Estas Part I- High Tone Remix
05 Hancock- Al'Tarba & DJ Nix'On Remix
06 Sho-Bro- DJ Nu-Mark Remix
07 Siempre Estas Part II- High Tone Remix

MP3 The Journey 2015 Meets Tumi
FLAC The Journey 2015


01 Jungle Boogie
02 Better That Way
03 Ronin
04 Pills For Your Ills
05 Past Your Time
06 The Journey


07 Jungle Boogie- Scratch Version
08 Better That Way- Jazz Reworked
09 Ronin- Dub
10 Pills For Your Ills- Afghan Beat
11 Past Your Time- Trap Reboot By Le Yan
12 The Journey- Lost Mix

MP3 Shikantaza 2017
FLAC Shikantaza 2017

01 Shikantaza
02 Liar- Feat Kendra Morris & Dillon Cooper
03 Malad
04 Step Back
05 The New Crown- Feat A-F-R-O, A.S.M & Taiwan Mc
06 Escape
07 Stone Cold- Feat Mariama
08 Modern Slave- Feat R.A The Rugged Man
09 Warriors
10 What You Need- Feat Vinnie Dewayne, Myke Bogan & Tre Redeau
11 Wolf
12 Blah!- Feat Youthstar, Taiwan Mc & Illaman
13 Golden Age
14 Anvoye
15 Goodnight

Operaz Ep 2017 Meets Tha Trickaz

01 Operaz- Feat A.S.M & Youthstar
02 Operaz- Instrumental

                                                   CONCERTS -- CONCIERTOS -- LIVES

Montpellier, Victoire 2 02-11-07 Via Radio Nova (Nuits Zébrée)

1 Part
    Unknown Tracklist

Bretigny Sur Orge, Fête De La Musique 21-06-09

17 Tracks
       Unknown Tracklist

Festival Indétendance, Paris 15-08-09

10 Tracks
      Unknown Tracklist
Paris, L'Elysée Montmartre 21-11-09

01 Intro/ Space Monkey
02 7Th Street
03 Eight y Cinco
04 Jumpin' In Havana
05 Bunni Groove
06 Indi Groove
07 Skank In The Air
08 More
09 Artichaud
10 Calling Bombay
11 Washington Square
12 I'Ve Got That Tune
13 Le Pudding à L'Arsenic
14 Day By Day
15 Post Trauma
16 Rap Scholar

Le Rock Dans Tout Ses Etats, Evreux 29-06-12

12 Tracks
      Unknown Tracklist

Paleo Festival, Nyon 23-07-15

1 Part
   Unknown Tracklist

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  1. Fantastic - Thanks! Great to find much of the work in FLAC

  2. Cheers! Gracias! Merci! Chinese Man have a fantastic sound that I've never heard before. Thank you, sir!!